1 day ago
paulchen pushed to master at web/jodel
8743bc2 added unique constraint on jodel.jodel_id
1 day ago
a2f286e show end of a disruption as an additional update
2 days ago
65909d1 fixed phpMyAdmin update script
2 days ago
9200822 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
92a5aff use GitHub API
9 days ago
b4c5600 ignore blank lines
f6a9de1 use both error.log and error.log.1
17 days ago
755036a Merge branch 'feature/description-history'
17 days ago
6064220 Merge branch 'master' into feature/description-history
17 days ago
d31a17c improvements for disruption history
bc6f665 bugfix
17 days ago
836e707 show resume_time in frontend
19 days ago
6e7e2c5 fix not working title replacements
20 days ago
cf7b53d added update script for Drupal
20 days ago
1f64554 added custom patch for phpMyAdmin
20 days ago
3a3c805 fix race condition when process is terminated during loop execution
20 days ago
f1b80b4 ignore 'Invalid method in request'
26 days ago
b3892b7 introduced ice emoji
on 12 Nov
0f6380e Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
1fcf931 added
on 11 Nov
9d3e0b3 don't try to fix problems during startup
on 9 Nov
0ab144b removed mirror list as has been shut down
on 9 Nov
d487174 added nagios check script
on 8 Nov
b0dffd3 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2baac53 added plugins for flight trackers
on 7 Nov
983b5ec improved icinga check script
on 6 Nov
3c3afeb allow sensor values containing underscores
on 1 Nov
9dd1de5 don't access non-existing array indices
on 28 Oct
9b2b427 modified handling sleep time between two subsequent temperature change cycles in case of link problems
on 28 Oct
d0813a4 modified checker for maven
on 26 Oct
fc41985 use logging instead of print statements
on 26 Oct
d1e71d4 added some debug output
7019618 fixed temperature switch on link problems
bce08f4 added sensor ids for room with id 5
on 23 Oct
cc87493 ignore folders that do not exist
on 19 Oct
3bf501e don't change temperature during every update cycle
cc50093 change temperature only for link problems