15 hours ago
ca76501 do cleanup in error case as well
1 day ago
cb339e0 updated checker for tomcat
3 days ago
f86ff20 added check plugin for jdk10
1601198 added check plugin for tomcat
b0c2906 added check plugin for maven
3 days ago
b961874 changed installation directory for Tomcat
4 days ago
paulchen pushed to master at irc/irc-uno
0cc79e7 replaced tabs by spaces
4 days ago
paulchen pushed to master at irc/irc-uno
f3256dc make the bot work with JDK 10
11 days ago
28ef7c6 added update checker for dokuwiki
11 days ago
855ce23 added update checker for Roundcube CardDAV plugin
bf47c6b added update check for dehydrated
11 days ago
0cf7c20 added update check for munin-contrib
9e734d8 added update check for ttrss
fd746b0 fixed error messages
11 days ago
e561529 added update checker for postfixadmin
11 days ago
ce57e65 added update checkers for gitbucket and phpmyadmin
bec59bc added support for ignore file
11 days ago
ffb52c2 added description
5c9f3af added owncloud-preview script
14 days ago
6d57232 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
5252598 introduced update-checker
27 days ago
a3b821b redirect for non-whitelist domains
on 2 Jul
paulchen pushed to master at web/jodel
d88fbb8 added additional sleep
6d95cfc fixed update of jodel.next_post_id
697e76d additional log output
on 5 Jun
17621b6 fixed log outout
0593480 make application work with JDK 9
on 29 May
00eb007 'der huinTU' -> 'die hunTU'
on 14 May
paulchen created branch huntu2017 at huntu/punkte
on 14 May
paulchen created branch huntu2018 at huntu/punkte
on 14 May
c86b995 bugfix: don't leak short names of items in the frontend before hunTU has started
on 14 May
8517b8d only run backup during hunTU
on 14 May
07f6106 Resolved merge conflict
on 14 May
ade1466 Resolved merge conflict
edabaa1 run achievements.php only during hunTU
on 7 May
52355f0 make achievements work when team has no email address
on 7 May
d9148c7 icinga checks
on 6 May
d295522 added
on 2 May
642f8fa PHP7: split -> explode
on 6 Apr
d249353 added space in output between number and unit
6290230 implemented switch -r for checking the oldest file in a directory instead of the newest one
c5b5352 added file check_newest_file_age
on 2 Apr
572d43d added check-raid: script for checking several mdadm raids one after the other
on 31 Mar
abd05b3 output date and time at start end end of script run