Various scripts created to simplify administration of Linux servers

Paul Staroch authored 8 days ago
apache_error_log added error codes AH01102 and AH00898 to the ignore list 10 days ago
dehydrated check for both dovecot.service and dovecot-custom.service 1 month ago
update-pma introduced configuration file for phpMyAdmin update script 22 days ago ignore folders that do not exist 3 months ago touch state files after successful backup 8 days ago
check-raid added sleep 1 month ago
check_ntp some tools added 5 years ago script for migrating a Git repository from one remote to another 1 year ago
mailbox_size files added 5 years ago
mountcount some tools added 5 years ago
nsca_wrapper added nsca_wrapper 1 month ago
owncloud-preview added description 6 months ago
screen-session added screen-session 1 month ago added 1 month ago added refresh of update checker 1 month ago added update script for Drupal 2 months ago fix tomcat group 9 days ago