Various plugins for Nagios/Icinga

Paul Staroch authored on 1 Mar
cert_checklist added missing plugins 1 year ago
flightradar added plugins for flight trackers 6 months ago
update-checker added check for tumblr_gpdr 2 months ago do cleanup in error case as well 9 months ago extended debug mode 2 months ago
check_certs updated periods for warning/critical state 1 year ago
check_ftp_space updated plugin check_ftp_space 1 year ago
check_hddtemp added plugin check_hddtemp 1 year ago
check_hping updated plugin check_hping 1 year ago added missing plugins 1 year ago remove temporary file 1 year ago
check_jabber_passwords restructuring repo 6 years ago
check_munin_alerts updated plugin check_munin_alerts 1 year ago
check_newest_file_age added space in output between number and unit 1 year ago added check script for nextcloud notifications 1 year ago
check_port added plugin check_port 1 year ago updated to use Monitoring::Plugin instead of Nagios::Plugin 1 year ago
check_torstatus removed database password from plugin 1 year ago added 1 year ago updated FTP server 1 year ago added 3 months ago
update_sms_backup added script update_sms_backup 3 months ago